Social Media that converts

Have you been posting for months (or years?) on Instagram and Facebook without seeing any results?

You’re spending hours each week coming up with ideas for something to post about, trying to find the right words to say, and yet your followers aren’t growing, and your sales are not increasing?

Maybe you’ve already taken other digital training programs, but they left you feeling even more confused and overwhelmed. 

Social Media that Converts is a small group program, that offers both strategy and tactical training for social media channels including Instagram and Facebook, but the concepts could be applied across all digital channels.  

Each week we are going to tackle a core part of what makes social media convert, so that you can immediately go out and take action. Spots are limited to 10 maximum participants per session so that everyone will receive one-on-one feedback each week.

If you want to stop guessing about what to do with your social media, and have a plan and the tools you need to execute your vision, then get on the list now to join!

Why should you enroll in Social Media that Converts?

You are tired of not seeing results with your social media and you are ready for a change. This program will give you both the strategy AND the tactics to make it happen.

You are wasting hours each week trying to come up with what to post and you need a content plan that is easy and effective. Let’s get your content pillars nailed down and a schedule that works for YOU!

You’ve taken other digital training or tried ot DIY it, but you’re feeling frustrated and confused. You want an expert to give you specific advice about YOUR brand and what changes you need to implement.

You want social media to be a channel that drives leads and revenue for your business on a consistent basis. Let’s get your social media set up to convert so you can see the ROI of your channels.

Are you looking for a personalized program that will finally answer your social media questions AND give you the tools and resources you need to make it happen with an easy, structured format? 

Save your spot now in this small group coaching program before it’s sold out again. Early bird pricing is on now until April 11th. Save over $200 off registration! 

Here’s what we will cover together in Social Media that Converts:

Week 1 and 2 of Social Media That Converts

WEEK ONE & TWO: Getting Set Up for Success

Let’s get you set up for success by mapping out your social media strategy and the right content pillars for your business:

  • Answer the 5W’s about your social media channels
  • Dive into your customer avatar and what their specific pain points are that your business will fix
  • Revamp your Instagram bio to convert more followers to your website or offers
  • Develop your core Content Pillars and start to brainstorm ideas for each to put into action with your content plan. 
Week 3 and 4 of Social Media That Converts

WEEK THREE & FOUR: Planning your Content and Mapping it to Visuals that Convert

Now that we have a strategy and content pillars in place, it’s time to start planning. Once we have a plan ready to go, let’s make it visually appealing with on brand visuals:

  • Setting up your Content Calendar
  • Mapping out one month of content
  • Finding the scheduling tool that is right for you
  • How to create an on-brand grid
  • Where to find and how to create compelling visuals 

Week 5 and 6 of Social Media That Converts

WEEK FIVE & SIX: Captions and Videos that are optimized for Social Media

How do you get people to engage with your content? Create compelling visuals AND tell a story in your caption that is meaningful. Here’s how to do it:

  • Learn the Sandwich Formula for writing better captions on Social media
  • Find out why keywords needs to be included in your copy and how to do it
  • Get the low down on hashtags once and for all
  • Reels, reels, and reels! What makes them go viral and where to get started for your business – no dancing or lip syncing required!
Week 7 and 8 of Social Media That Converts

WEEK SEVEN & EIGHT: Save Time and Growing Beyond Social Media

Reels, Stories and Carousel’s have your head spinning? Let’s breakdown these content types so you can learn how to:

  • Create once, publish everywhere. Find out how to get more eyeballs in less time
  • Re-purposing and re-sharing content the right way for social media  engagement, and how to use them to drive people to your DM’s
  • Moving beyond social and growing your owned digital channels. Email marketing 101 for beginners. 


    • This is a live program made for small business owners who want to finally make sense of their social media.
    • This program offers you customized feedback on your social media and 1:1 check-ins every week.


    • Each week we will meet on Zoom for a live, interactive video workshop 
    • In between sessions we will keep in touch via WhatsApp
    • Assignments can be emailed direct to me every week for personalized feedback 


    • The spring session kicks off Tuesday April 19th at 10 am PST. 
    • Each session includes a live 60 minute workshop and 15 minutes of Q&A.
    • Each session is recorded and available to all participants in case you miss one of the live workshops. 
    Bonuses for Social Media that Converts

    New BONUSES Included for Social Media that Converts:

    Grow faster and easier across all your social media channels with these added bonuses to our program:

    • BONUS 90-minute pre-recorded Canva workshop by a certified Canva expert to take your designs to the next level 
    • BONUS access to my hashtag workbook so that you can increase your reach with hashtags 
    • BONUS Pinterest 45 minute pre-recorded workshop by Pinterest Expert to help you branch out to new channels 
    • BONUS 2022 content calendar to map out your social media content plan 
    • Slides from each will be available for download
    • PDF’s and guidebooks for each of the topics
    • TOTAL VALUE: $450!

    Early bird pricing is $597 CAD before April 14th! Limited spots are available. Save yours now and let’s get your Social Media on track this spring! 

    I rarely, if ever, print documents these days. I’ve had the pleasure of benefitting from a few of Jen Kolbuc’s Social Media sessions and just completed her 6-week Instagram course. Her handouts were not only worth printing, they now have their own binder! Kudo’s to the quality and value of the knowledge she shares. As an added bonus, her professional manner and responsiveness to her clients are top shelf. In a world where too many claim to be, “experts” Jen Kolbuc IS the real deal.

    Jennifer Stark

    Owner, Pernosa Kai

    The content calendar and organization tools have been a game changer for Fulfill! Learning how to optimize our time, messaging and content has improved our engagement way more than we had expected! Honestly Jenn as a small business every dollar is so valuable. This was hands down the best money we have spent on coaching in 2021. We learnt so much and I am sooooo glad we took part in the course.

    Lori Crump

    FulFill Shoppe

    Marketing on Instagram is entirely doable, thanks to Jennifer’s step-by-step leadership. Content planning, being strategic with hashtags, tackling Canva and scheduling, she covered it all. Lectures were great, the class hand-outs were incredibly useful. I already have recommended you to entrepreneurs I know. Thanks for the great experience!
    Isabel Prystawik


    Creating a content calendar and laying out nine-image grids are musts for me now.  When followers comment on how professional my feed looks, it makes me feel that my time on social media is productive. I’m building a foundation for my new business. I was surprised when Jen said: Do not post business logos; this is a social space. I’m so pleased by the people I’m meeting across Canada, as well as by how much social media puts me in touch with what’s going on in my own community.

    Michelle Hardy


    Jennifer Kolbuc Social Media Coach

    Small Businesses Helped So Far

    Hi! I’m Jennifer Kolbuc, a digital marketer with over a decade of experience in social media. I’ve worked with big, multi-national brands, non-profits, government agencies and start-ups to help them manage and grow their social media footprint.

    Today, I spend my time helping small businesses better utilize the tools available to increase their digital presence, without increasing their costs. I’m a mom of two little boys, an avid hiker, and tea drinker. I would love to help you achieve your dreams with your small business. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Who is this program best suited for?

    If you are a small or medium size business who wants to grow their social media channels to create a community to sell your products and services too, this program is for you.

    2. Will this program only cover Instagram?

    All of the strategy, content ideas, captions writing, and imagery techniques can be applied to any social media channel. We will spend a bit more time focusing on tips and tricks specifically for Instagram.

    3. How much time will it take each week?

    We will spend one hour a week on Zoom together, and then connect over WhatsApp in between. To get the most out of the program, you should be prepared to spend one to two hours a week working on the content and strategy we talk about it so you have time to implement it and review.

    4. I don’t have any images right now of my products or brand, should I take this course?

    YES! The images module will give you lots of options and resources to help you find and create your first images. The planning module will help you get set up so you know what you are going to talk about on social media, and what kinds of images you will need. 

     5. Will I see results with this program?

    If you are prepared to show up and do the work, I guarantee you will see results! If you dedicate time each week to joining me live on Zoom, asking lots of questions in the group chat, and trying out the strategies we talk about on social media, you will see results!

    “I don’t even know where to begin with my praises for Jennifer (Mountain Top Consulting) & her Social Media Group Coaching course.

    The content of this course is invaluable; especially the sections on Reels & Hashtags. The material is extremely applicable whether you’ve never even used a computer before (she holds your hand through getting your socials set up, if that’s what you need), or whether you’ve been in the Social Media game for decades, as I have!

    I’ve taken a few of these courses before & what blew me away about this one specifically is how personal Jennifer is. She gave us each personal feedback, pertinent to our specific businesses & stories. She is by far the most attentive coach I have ever met with. She is extremely thoughtful, insightful, & winsome.

    As a presenter, Jennifer is amazing & unrivalled! She is engaging, knowledgeable, personable & shares relevant information in a manner that’s easy to understand. I would (& do!) one hundred percent recommend this course to anyone who could owns a small business & could benefit from a presence on social media. (Which is virtually every small business!)”

    Sean Stevens

    Harkening Deer Podcast

    “Jennifer was a pleasure to work with.  She is very organised and thorough.  She helped me understand the different social tools available for my business and coached me in how to use them properly.  She helped me plan and organise my content in order to save me lots of time and stress.  She designed each coaching session according to my needs and remained available to answer questions at any time.  She gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed to continue growing my account and creating engaging posts.  I highly recommend her personalised coaching sessions to other small business owners who need to demystify social media and learn simple but very effective tools to create and organise their content!”

    Julie V.

    Owner, Port Moody Refillery