monthly social media strategy & coaching

Let’s work together to create an actionable plan for your social media and then implement it and follow up for best results. 

social media monthly coaching and strategy

Sometimes we need someone to hold our feet to the fire and make sure we are implementing the best social media practices. It’s easy to get excited about a new piece of technology, new way of doing things, or a new content plan, but then not follow through once things start to get busy with your business. 

This monthly program keeps you on track with bi-weekly Zoom calls for training and strategy, and then email correspondence in between.

This program is available for a minimum three-month commitment so that we can create actionable results for your business together. 

If you’re ready to level-up your social media and know you need to start treating it more like a business and less like a hobby this package is right for you.

Each month you’ll receive: 

Two 1-hour Zoom calls to review your current social media strategy and plan for the following month. You will also receive the training in the areas you need most including:

    • Content ideas – creating your customized content calendar for your business each month
    • Hashtag review and strategy for best use on Instagram 
    • Photo review – how to create, take and stage better photos
    • Scheduling tools for all social media platforms 
    • Canva
    • Email marketing 
    • Website tips and review 
    • Social Media Advertising

Email access to me 7 days a week. Share your updates, questions, copy, or graphics for review and inspiration. I’ll make sure that you are staying on track and hitting your targets. 

PDF workbooks, guides and resources on topics including: Writing Better Captions, How to Find and Create Great Images, Best Scheduling Tools for Social Media, How to use Instagram Highlights & More! 

“I came into the program with a good understanding of social media and left with an abundance of new information on Facebook and Instagram. If you get a chance to work with Jennifer on Social Class, I would highly recommend it!”

Maria C.


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