Fractional Marketing Manager Services

For busy business owners who want to grow and scale their business without the hassle  

Are you maxed out on hours working IN your business but you never get the time to work ON your business?


Leave the marketing to me.

With Fractional Marketing Manager Services you get the support of a dedicated marketing resource, without the hassle of hiring more staff.

Is your marketing plan collecting dust for your business?

Maybe you created an ambitious marketing plan when you first launched your business. Or maybe you never got around to making a plan at all. Since then you’ve been running flat out trying to serve your clients. You’re ready to hand the markeitng over to an expert to actually get it done.

You're looking to expand your business and need to start marketing to make it happen.

Are you looking to grow your current business or tap into new markets? You know you need to uplevel your marketing to make it happen but you never have the time to get around to it.

I’ll roll out the marketing so you can stay focused on scaling. 

You want to increase your marketing, but aren't sure where to start.

Maybe you’ve soley relied on word-of-mouth marketing, but business has started to slow down. Or you want a more reliable forecast of sales for your business based off marketing campaigns every month. Either way, it’s time to bring in a expert to make it happen. 


Are you a business owner who is feeling maxed out on hours in your business? 

You’re great at interfacing with clients, and getting the job done, but when it comes to marketing, it just never gets done. 

You know that marketing is going to be essential to grow and expand your business, but you don’t have the personal time or resources to get it done. 

If you are ready for:

  • Increasing your marketing impact to grow your business
  • Saving hours each week off your workload and the stress that comes with it 
  • Looking for an expert to step in and set the direction

Then it’s time to see how a Fractional Marketing Manager could work for your business. 

Social Media Content Planning with Jennifer Kolbuc for small business

What does a Fractional Marketing Manager do?


Digital Marketing Strategy & Content Planning

The first part of your digital marketing plan is doing an audit and creating your 12 month road map. We will refine who you are targeting, where you need to be showing up online and creating your marketing plan. 

Email, Ads, & SEO

There’s more to marketing your business then just organic content. Let’s dive into email marketing, set up nurture sequences and Facebook ads to see what the right combination of tools is to grow your business faster. 

Hiring, Training & Coaching

You won’t be in the dark about your marketing. From weekly reviews to monthly reporting you will have an understanding of what the numbers mean. Train new hires, get SOPs created and get more out of your marketing every month. 

Ready to outsource your marketing to an expert? Here’s what to expect:

Social Media Audit and Review

Initial Audit and Creation of 12-Month Marketing Plan:

Your Fractional Marketing Manager services will kick off with an intensive review of your current marketing. This includes:

  • Social Media audit 
  • Competitor analysis
  • Messaging review 
  • Email audit 
  • Ad spend review 
  • Marketing sales funnel audit 

Based on these results I will build out a 12-month plan that includes budget line items and monthly deliverables. 

Graphic Design & Video Editing 

From social media graphics to website mock ups, banner ads and more. Let’s get those designs done and out into the world. 

  • Short form video editting for Reels, TikTok or YouTube shorts 
  • Long form video editting for YouTube, presentations, courses
  • Canva designs for mockups and social media 
  • Stock images and videos for the website 

Content Calendar for Social Media

Monthly Social Media Planning and Content Creation

Every month we are going to map out your social media content. From what needs to be created to filmed to repurposed. 

Depending on your needs the content can be created by an internal team member or outsourced completely. Monthly social media outsourcing can include:

  • Graphic creation
  • Copywriting 
  • Hashtag research 
  • Scheduling content to respective social media platforms 

Content Calendar for Social Media

Website Updates & SEO 

Let’s get your website showing off the work you’re doing for your clients. With monthly updates we can:

  • Conduct and SEO audit and improve ranking 
  • Add new blog post(s) to the website 
  • Refersh out of date imagery 
  • Update copy, packages and pricing 
  • Add new offers and promotions 
Welcome email automation

Revive or create your monthly newletter to bring in new client leads

Email converts at a higher rate than all other social media channels. Let’s build you an email list that converts to paying clients. Here’s what we will build:

  • Review or build a lead magnet to attract your ideal subscribers
  • Build out your forms, pop-ups and promotions to grow your list
  • Create a welcome email campaign to onboard new subscribers
  • Review your current newsletters to increase open rates
  • Monthly newsletter to target new prospects 

Facebook Ads for more Awareness & Growth 

Ready to supercharge your business growth? Let’s get your ad account set up the right way so that you never hit the blue boost button again! We will map out a Facebook ad strategy for awareness and conversion with:

  • Tech support with getting your account set up from scratch
  • Facebook Ad Strategy
  • Audience targeting, creation of lookalike audineces
  • Graphic design
  • Copywriting
  • Ad set up & review

Hiring Staff, VAs, and Standarizing SOPs

Looking to expand your team or hire additional freelancer support? It can be overwhelming to come up with job decriptions on your own. When you’re ready to build your team we can: 

  • Write comprehensive job descriptions 
  • Create workflows for new hires 
  • Screen potential applicants 
  • Support with the interview process

Zoom & Email Support:

We wil plan on a dedicated day every week to touch base on Zoom and review action items. Email support as needed between calls. 

Monthly call reviews and quarterly reviews to ensure we are hitting our marketing goals. 

Fractional Marketing Support is available for a minimum 3-month commitment for business owners. 

What clients have to say about working together to grow their business:

Jen is a wealth of knowledge, patient, creative and really taught this old dog some new tricks. Her one-on-one training really helped me overcome the social media labyrinth I felt I was in. She gave me the tools and confidence I needed to get moving on my social media skills. There is light at the end of the tunnel! Highly recommend!

Lynda Pianosi

Three Mountain Family Hikes

I just completed a social media strategy session with Jennifer and I left with direction on how to create a solid social media platform. In addition, she provided me with lots of useful resources. I look forward to implementing her suggestions and taking my business to the next level. Thank you Jennifer! I will be back for more of your expertise and support in the future.

Corrine Underwood

Authentically Corinne Underwood

“I can’t believe how much we were able to cover in 90 minutes. I was hoping to have some help with social media strategy and inspiration for posting ideas, and I received this and then some! I have a clear direction of where I’m going in the next three months, have it all scheduled on the calendar, and feel more organized with my messaging too.”

Lana Osborne-Paradis

Blast Fitness

I cannot actually say how incredible working with you was. I was so inspired I have actually scheduled out all the posts in Planoly! I am just going through now and writing captions and then all I have to do is the few little videos!! This is literally the most social planning I’ve ever done, never mind in a DAY! 

Andrea Diaz

Studio Arris

Frequently Asked Questions about the 90-Day Content Accelerator Program

1. I’ve just started out as a new business owner, is this social media program right for me?

Yes! You are in the right place! If you’re new to digital marketing this program will get you up to speed on everything from social media, to email marketing to when to use ads to get your business set up for success.

2. I’m not sure I am ready for email marketing or ads, does this program fit my needs?

Good question! Email marketing isn’t for every business type. If we decide it’s not for you, we can use our time together to focus on other areas of your digital marketing, dive more into content review, or explore other channels together.

3. I’ve been posting on social media for a while now, how will this program help me get more business!

If you’re been posting for several months consistenly but haven’t seen any leads come in, it’s time to reasses. Social media is a long term game, but we want to make sure that we are playing it correctly. Let’s have a chat to see how your content is performing.

4. Do you guarentee results?

I wish I could show you the magic 8 ball that ties each social post to a sale for your business. I do guarentee that your social media will be perfectly aligned with who you are, what you offer and what your target audience needs to hear. If you put in the work, you will definitely see results. Industries vary in how long those leads take to convert!

5. How do we get started?

If this is a heck YES program for you, click on the button on the page to get signed up. Once you are paid, I’ll be connecting with your onboarding questionnaire so we can get started right away. We hit the ground running on your first call so that we don’t waste any time!

Have More Questions?

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