Why Email Marketing should be THE most important part of your digital marketing plan

Social media ALONE does not lead to sales.

If you have been spending hours posting every single week without results, it’s time to set up email marketing to do the heavy lifting!

Awesome stats about email marketing that make it worth your time to invest in:

  • For every $1 spend on email marketing, the average ROI is $40
  • 22% of emails sent are opened within the first hour of being sent
  • 50% of consumers buy from email marketing at least once per week!
Social Media Expert for Small Businesses

Hi, I’m Jennifer Kolbuc!

A  digital marketing consultant and strategist with 15 years helping brands and businesses of all sizes grow their business.

I love helping business owners get more consistent sales with their email marketing. With this free email growth guide you’ll be able to get set up from scratch so you can start growing your email list right away. 

Email marketing doesn’t have to be complicated to make an impact.

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