Let’s grow your business with an email strategy that works on repeat.

Why your business needs an email strategy that works while you sleep


A story about email marketing…

I love social media – I’ve built an entire business around it. But you know what I love even more? My email list! When it comes to conversions and sales for business, the money is in your email list.

Start building your list today, to set yourself up for your next launch or offer. Email marketing is the one type of digital marketing you have direct control over. No algorithms to compete with, direct to your subscribers inbox each week. 


Open rate for your welcome sequence

Number of new email subscribers in 30 days

Number of emails written

Revenue Generated

How to get started with Email Marketing

Lead Magnet

Create demand for your email list with a compelling offer or lead magnet. Let’s refresh what you already have or create one from scratch to start getting signs ups to your email list.

Email Automation

Nurture your new leads with an automate drip sequence of emails. Integrate your current email platform or get set up from scratch with the exact right tools for your business.

Facebook Lead Ads

Ready to take your existing system to the next level? Let’s chat about Facebook Lead ads. These highly targeted ads can grow your list for only a few dollars a day. 

Examples of Lead Magnets to grow your email list

First we create a compelling Lead Magnet to get people to sign up to your email list.


Step 1 of growing your email list is creating a freebie known as a Lead Magnet to get people excited to sign up. (Because let’s be honest, no one wants to sign up for a newsletter anymore). This can be a workbook, checklist or guide that aligns with your target audience.

By offering real value to your target audience you create a first tangible touch point for your business. 



Next let’s create a welcome sequence to warm up your new leads to your business. 


They signed up for your lead magnet, now what? We welcome those new subscribers with a welcome sequence! This ensures that your emails have a high open rate, and you start to build a relationship with your new subscribers.

Don’t leave new subscribers hanging. Get out the spam folder and into their inbox with a welcome sequence that wows. 


Welcome email automation
Examples of Lead Magnets to grow your email list

Finally we supercharge your growth with the power of Facebook Lead Ads. 


Once your Lead Magnet and welcome sequence is up and running, it’s time to get it in front of more people. Facebook Lead Ads are specifically designed to grow your email list, all without having to build new landing pages. Facebook optimizes your ads for leads, all without the follower having to leave the app. 

Grow your busines with new leads every week for only a few dollars a day on ad spend.



Stop relying on changing algorithms alone to grow your business. Cut through the noise on social media and land in the inbox of your target audience each week.

Want to DIY your email marketing? Here’s where to get started: 

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