Why no one likes your content

Does it feel like you can see tumbleweeds blowing through your social media channels?

Are you putting out content that is seeing zero traction or very little engagement? It’s a competitive world out there and at times it can feel difficult to start gaining any momentum. Before you go and blame everything on Facebook’s ever changing algorithm, here’s a few things you’ll want to consider:



Are you putting out new content on your personal or company blog each week and yet your unique user base isn’t growing? It might be time to consider publishing that content somewhere else. No one can engage with your content if they doesn’t know it exists. Consider publishing your content on a platform like Medium or Ghost that already have a built in audience. Most sites will allow you to re-publish your content, noting that it first appeared on your website. If you can’t get people to go to you, meet them where they already are.



Organic traffic, especially on Facebook, is becoming more challenging these days, so set some budget aside to promote your posts to your target audience. If you’re building out a budget for someone to write or create content for you, make sure you’ve left enough in the pot to advertise the content. There’s no sense in spending money for content that no one is going to see.




This is the big one. If you’re spending lots of money on boosted posts and you are publishing everywhere and you’re still not reaching your goals, it may be time to take a step back and evaluate the content you’re putting out. Often times it’s hard to see when we are missing the mark with our content. Are you using too many hashtags, terrible stock images or cheesy taglines? It might be time to call in a fresh set up eyes to up your game.




Do you have an awesome study or white paper that you know is going to be a hit for your fans? Awesome! Let’s make it easier for them to access. Don’t make your fans sign up for an account on your site, enter all of their personal data, confirm their email address, and then finally be able to download that PDF document. Growing your email database is a great plan, but asking new users to fill out endless forms when they haven’t gotten familiar with your brand yet is a non-starter. Give away some of the goods for free so you can build trust with your users.


What are some of the ways you are struggling with your content? Leave a comment below!