So you Want to get Featured on Instagram

If you’re a budding photographer getting featured by a big brand is a great way to increase the exposure of your account and possibly add to your portfolio. Many large brands like @gopro, @airbnb and most destination brands use UGC, or “user generated content” as part of their social media strategy. For many brands they rely on photographers and brand advocates to “sell” their products for them. This is great news if you’re looking for a way to get your photos in front of more eyeballs.


So if you’re looking to get featured by one of your favourite brands on social media, here’s the inside scoop:


Align with their style

Instagram Photographers on Social Media

Does your photography or artistic style align with the brand you want to feature you? If your shot style is mostly #moodygrams and the brand is full of bright colours or white space, you’re probably not a fit. It’s best to look for brands that have the same aesthetic look as your photography style.


Show off your best work

Show off your best work on Instagram

Big brands often feature popular photographers. This doesn’t mean there isn’t room for newbies to break in, but you need to get your absolutely best work in front of them. If you’re going to make one pitch do it right, and don’t hold back on your best stuff. Take the time to make the edits and get the finished product ready for the pitch. Also think about the words you’ll be using in your pitch, and just like a resume, make sure it’s clear, free of typo’s and doesn’t use any slang.


Be unique


Brands are always on the lookout for a new angle to showcase their product, a new way it’s being used or a new place that doesn’t get much exposure. Want to pitch a destination brand? Don’t send in the most popular angles of the most visited destinations (think the Grand Canyon, Lake Louise or the Eiffel Tower). If you’re photographing one of these destinations, try to get a unique perspective, insider’s scoop, or way to incorporate people into your photography to give your shots an edge.


Show them the love


Show your favourite brands some love! Be their biggest brand advocate and tag them in your work. Use their branded hashtag (if applicable) consistently and try to become a friendly face on their radar before you make your introduction.


Be patient


Big brands are often working weeks if not months in advance in their social media planning. That awesome shot you have for this year’s festival, might not be able to be featured until next year since they’ve already got all their content lined up. That doesn’t mean it’s not worth pitching, but don’t expect your fantastic shots to get featured that week.


If you’ve got all 5 down, go ahead and send that brand a DM on Instagram, a message on Facebook or an email if available.


What else did I miss? Let me know in the comments below!