5 Things To Do Today to Increase the Online Presence of Your Business

Spend some time working on, and not in your business.

Running a small business can be all consuming, and this often means that the basics of a strong web presence can go overlooked. If you find you’re spending more time “in” your business than “on” your business, it can be difficult to take a step back to see where easy improvements could be made.  If you can find a spare hour in your week, here’s a few simple things that will help to immediately increase your online presence:


Claim your listing on Google My Business

Google My Business
Google My Business

How do most of your customers find your business? If any aspect of the process includes doing a search in Google, then you will want to make sure your Google Business Account is both filled out and accurate. It’s free to set up, and creates a quick and easy listing that includes your location, phone number, website and reviews. If you haven’t set up yours set than head to Google My Business.


Refresh your Website Content


When was the last time you updated your website? If the answer is, “I don’t remember,” it’s time for a refresh. This doesn’t mean you need to start from scratch. Think about switching up a few photos for a refreshed look. Is there a strong call to action on each page? Is there any section that you could build out further with more information, an FAQ, or other details to help your customers better understand your product? Not only will this let your repeat customers know you are still in business, but this will positively impact the SEO of your business for better searchability.


Check for 404 error pages

404 Error Page

A 404 error occurs when a user clicks on a link on your website find themselves at a page that says, “Sorry this webpage no longer exists.” Instead of leading that customer down the path to purchase, they are now left at a dead end, and may bounce from your site. Along with updating your content regularly, checking for dead links is a good maintenance item to check off quarterly. Here’s a great resource for how to find and fix those broken 404 links.


Include location tags for Instagram Posts for your business


Already have an Instagram account? Great! If not, here’s a few reasons why you should. If your business has a brick-and-motor location make sure it’s tagged every time you post. Otherwise post the most relevant city or location from where your customers find you. Are other people tagging your location on their posts? Great! Give them a like on their post, leave a comment or ask for permission to re-share on your page (is appropriate). Don’t leave out an opportunity for people to find you.


Try out Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories

Have you been holding off diving into the world of Instagram Stories? If you’re an account that’s verified or has 10,000 followers, then you’re missing out on the opportunity to drive traffic through link clicks on your story. Don’t have 10,000 followers yet? It’s still worth trying out Stories to drive more engagement (and hopefully followers) to your account. If you’re not convinced – here’s 5 reasons you should start creating Instagram Stories today.


There are probably a dozen more action items you could add to the online to-do list, but these 5 items can be ticked off relatively quickly, and will lead to an immediate increase in search results for your website. What’s the one thing you never find the time to update or maintain as a small business owner? Share your challenges in the comments below!


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