If you’ve been online in the last few months, you have likely heard all about ChatGPT and other AI tools.

There are two camps of people online with it comes to AI tools:

Camp 1: AI tools are going to transform online writing and work and copywriting will be DEAD!

Camp 2:  AI tools don’t have the level of nuance to do any meaningful writing and it’s not worth wasting your time on them.

The truth of course lies somewhere in the middle and is a little more nuanced.

Here’s 3 things AI tools CAN help your business with:

Brainstorming content ideas for your social media content! Want ChatGPT to do the heavy lifting for your next month of content? Take a look at this prompt and response to get the juices flowing:

Copywriting for a basic outline: There are several online writing tools that can spit out entire articles for your business. The articles usually lack some of the tone and clarity that would come with your specific brand. Use these tools to get your first draft down and then write a stronger opening, closing to make it more on brand.


SEO Optimization: If you want to get more keywords on your website in a way that makes Google and your readers happy, there are lots of AI tools that will help to score and rank your articles for better SEO.


Yesterday inside the Plan that Social Club Membership, we walked our members through how to start using AI tools in their business with lots of specific examples of different tools and how to write really good prompts to get better results.

Since this recording was so action packed, we are adding it our website next week as a standalone course for purchase. Get early access to this course when it goes live next week:

10X your Marketing Speed and Efficiency using AI for your small business.

If nothing else, ChatGPT is fun to play around with and see what it can write for your business. It’s currently free to use, but will be changing to a paid plan in the coming weeks. 

Have you tried out one of the new AI tools popping up for business? Let me know!