Imagine waking up to 100,000 followers on Instagram – it would be like winning the lottery, right?

When I run a free consult or start working with a new coaching client, this is usually the direction they want to go. More followers, would equal more sales, so the focus is often on how to grow as fast as possible.

However, this is only true to a certain extent. Once you reach a threshold on Instagram, more followers, comes more responsibility, and oftentimes a lot more stress.

And (this is a big one) the bigger your account grows, the less percentage of followers you are going to reach over time.

Take a look at this average engagement chart from Later Media and look at how low the engagement is for big accounts:

On Instagram I shared the 5 consequences of having thousands of followers you might have not considered.

The one I want to focus on the most – is the feeling of overwhelm and the disconnect from your original community.

As you start to reach the thousands + on Instagram, you can start to lose sight of what actually helps you convert and make sales on social media. Namely:

  • Being connected in your local community
  • Gathering & sharing testimonials from clients and customers
  • Spending time nurturing new relationships 1:1

This is why inside Social Media that Converts, I spend a good chunk of time talking about engagement and nurturing your contacts. We look at what content you need to warm up your audience, and then what to share when to make the sale.

This 8-week program is made for business owners who are tired of creating more and more content, and want a system that works.

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Would you rather have thousands of more followers on Instagram, or a more engaged community?