Here’s a look behind-the-scenes at a digital launch

It’s been two weeks since the launch of Plan that Social Club. I took a little break from emailing, because I know I was taking up A LOT of space in your inbox during that time, and wanted to give everyone a little breathing room (myself included!)

The launch was a huge success, and if you’re reading this and one of our new members – THANK YOU!

For the first live webinar inside the Plan that Social Membership, we broke down exactly what we did to make this launch a success. In short: it was a lot of work by both Brittany and myself. That part is likely not a surprise.

I wanted to highlight a few of the key points that made it a success – and a few strategies that aren’t talked enough about in the industry. If you have a launch coming up for Q4 or looking into next year, make sure you save this part of the email:

You need to have A LOT of touch points

Your seasons of social media may ebb and flow. But when it comes time to launch, you need to turn the faucet up to full blast. This is not a time to hold back, or feel worried about sharing, “too much” about your new product or service. Commit to showing up for at least a full week on all your channels every single day.

Email more than you think

How often do you email your list? Once a month, maybe once a week? During launch time, expect to send 5-10 emails during your launch window. Worried people will unsubscribe? Don’t be. People who are not interested are better left off your list. Both Brittany and I emailed our list 3x more than usual, and saw no uptick in unsubscribes.

DM’s are where it’s at

Making those 1:1 connections and taking the time to get to know your followers through direct messages on your preferred platform is the way to go. When it’s launch time, it’s time to work your magic and connect with your community in those small conversations.

As part of this launch, we just opened up a free members community area where we will be sharing free resources and tips and tricks each month. If you want to see some of the free content and resources that are available now you can sign up for a free account here.

Q4 is already underway. Do you have a launch or an end of year target you are hoping to hit?

I have one space open for 1:1 coaching this month, and two spaces left for strategy audits and content planning sessions.

If you need help with planning out your content launch, making your first lead magnet to get more email signups or figuring out if you are ready for paid ads, let’s chat!

Book your free consult to discuss your digital marketing strategy plan for Q4!