The last few weeks of summer are always my favourite. The weather is great. Lots of fun adventures have been had, and fall is still far enough away to not have to worry about it just yet.

The only downside? Social media feels like a barren wasteland.

If you’ve noticed a drop in your engagement this month, you are definitely not alone.

The reality is everyone would much rather be soaking up the sun then commenting on your Instagram post.

But don’t give up just yet! (Take inspiration from this Reel)

Here’s three tactics you can try out week to offset the low engagement:

Repost old content

  • Content never goes out of style. If there are less eyeballs online right now, repurpose or straight up repost some of your previous posts and save your newer ideas for September. This post I shared last week, I also shared about 6 months ago – with exactly the same images and almost the same caption.

Embrace the summer fun and change up your post style!

  • Use fun summer backgrounds, share Stories of your days at the beach or playground. Use the sun as inspiration for your next Reel – check out this easy idea.

Take a break from social media and come back refreshed for the fall!

  • Use these last few weeks of summer to relax to come back refreshed and ready to hit the ground running in September!

If you’re thinking ahead to September and you know you’re ready to get a plan in place, then don’t miss one of the last spaces for my 8-week group coaching program – Social Media that Converts!

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