If you are a mom and are on TikTok or Instagram, you were probably pulling up a chair to the major mom drama that went down last week.

It was a tale of two “honest” moms, but with a surprise ending.

Libby, the original honest mom @diaryofanhonestmom on Instagram, has been keeping it real with us for the past two years. She shares her struggles with motherhood, mental health, and the challenges these past few years have brought to many of us.

Now over on TikTok, there was another “honest” creator named Anna. She was young and beautiful and her favourite pastime was ripping off other content creators and re-creating their posts word for word. Now this happens all the time on TikTok, and usually it goes unpunished.

Libby, called Anna out nicely, and asked her to credit her for using her sounds and concept verbatim from her most popular post.

This is where a more humble person might have gone, oops, good point, let’s live and learn. But that is not what happened. Anna laughed at Libby and said, “She’s only mad because I got more views than she did!” (Did I mention Anna changed the name of her account to copy Libby’s as well?)

Now, the story might have ended here, but instead, something incredible happened.

Every single mom, content creator, and hundreds of other women in this space, stood up for Libby and said, “HELL NO!”

I have never seen a more unanimous show of support for someone the way the outpouring of love for Libby came in.

Moms were mad AF. Libby made us all feel seen and heard these past two years with her real authentic content, and we weren’t about to let an impersonator take her down.

One week later, Libby has gained thousands of more followers (she’s at over 700,000 followers on TikTok now), and Anna, well her account is no longer active.

What’s the morale of the story for me?

People want to see REAL content made by REAL people on social media. We are getting over all the fake, wanna-be influencers who just rip off the latest trends.

When you create a community of people who love what you create, they are going to be there for you when you need them to be.

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