5If you were to scroll back through my phone this weekend, you would see photos of smiling kids, sitting around the campfire, and enjoying time with friends.

Here’s what I didn’t take photos of:

  • The hours of packing the car and food prepping
  • 427 kid meltdowns
  • Rainy and cold mornings
  • The brutal cold I got that forced us leave a night early

Not quite as picture perfect as it seems. (You can see the photo evidence here on yesterday’s Reel)

Now, here’s the really crazy thing. You know what we did when we got home from camping this weekend? Booked another camping trip!

Why would we do such a thing? Because, I know the hard work pays off.

My kids, ages 3 and 5, LOVE camping! They have probably been camping more in their little lives than most adults. They know how to set up a tent, make a fire (with adult help), and of course roast marshmallows. The time we get together as a family, disconnected from our devices, is creating a happy, healthy foundation for us.

Each time we go camping, we discover one new hack on how to make it easier, a new fun meal to create, or a new tip we can pass on to other parents.

Creating Instagram Reels often feels quite similar.

You scroll through Instagram and see Reel after Reel that look so easy and effortless. 

Here’s what you don’t see behind the scenes:

  • Hours of trial-and-error testing new equipment to get it right
  • Pre planning of the content to match the goals of the business
  • So many outtakes
  • Lots of Reels that didn’t do very well

But, the only way to get better at Reels, is by creating more Reels!

Each time you practise, you learn a new tip on how to make them faster and easier. And, in the long run, they will become the foundation of the content for your business.

Having a well-supported foundation will set you up for success on Instagram. 

But how do you get started?

With an 8-week all-inclusive program – Social Media that Converts!

This program will give you 1:1 access to me each week, and live group training. Each week we will build one piece of your social media strategy from content planning, to branding, writing captions, and of course Reels.

The next round kicks off in September 2022, and is the last intake for this year!

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