What’s going to happen in 2022 on Instagram? One this is for certain, more changes are ahead.

Let’s look at a few of the changes that happened on the app in 2021:

  • Insights for Reels finally roll out 
  • Going LIVE with up to 4 total people at one time
  • Reels move from 30 seconds to 60 seconds
  • The link sticker in Stories for ALL accounts finally rolled out, and then the ability to customize that sticker
  • More limits and ability to restrict content and accounts 
  • Desktop publishing for Instagram 
  • & many more! 

So what does that leave for 2022? Here’s a few of the top predictions based on what we have seen so far and where the trends are taking us. 

1. Reels will continue to dominate with even more copycat features from TikTok. 

Instagram has been very vocal about pushing Reels into more features of the app. With TikTok growth continuing to explode, we can expect Instagram to continue to play catch up. If you want to stay on top of the changes, it might be time to finally create a TikTok account to learn straight from the source. 

2. Chronological feeds roll out, BUT, they are not the panacea that small business owners hope they are. 

Yes chronological feeds are rolling out, but I don’t think it will be the silver lining small businesses are hoping for. There will now be not one, but three feeds to keep track of. This may mean that it becomes more confusing about WHERE people can find you on Instagram. The pressure to show up well in the new Home feed, will be intense, as that will continue to be algorithm based and the only place to get in front of new people. 

What does this mean for you? Cultivate strong relationships now to get your followers to add you to their favourites, but keep putting out fresh new e to show up well in the Home feed. 

3. Sliding into the Dm’s.

With Instagram getting busier than ever, brands and businesses who take the time to reach out and make strong 1:1 connections will succeed. Don’t know where to start, begin with a welcome DM for new followers. Remember -the goal is not to sell, but to build long term relationships. 

Are these predictions and changes making your head spin? Do you want to chat with an expert about how these changes could impact your business? Hit me up for a free consult anytime to see how these changes will impact your business in 2022!