Does it feel like there have been more Instagram updates in the last year than anytime before?

In the past 6 months alone Instagram has introduced or made updates to:

  • Desktop publishing
  • Reels
  • Collabs
  • Rolled out the new Link Sticker
  • And updated IGTV to Instagram Video

But there was one update back at the end of 2020 that didn’t seem to generate as much news, even though it has a major impact on how search and reach is determined on Instagram.

People using the search feature are actively looking with a product or service in mind. This means that we want your content to be found when people are searching with specific keywords.

Previous to this update, you could only search on Instagram by:

  • Account name
  • User Name
  • Location
  • Hashtags

With this new update, you can now search by the keywords found in your caption!

This means that the captions that you write for your posts are now searchable in a way they were not before. 

How can you make sure your posts are showing up under the right keywords?

You want to avoid captions like this one:

This captions doesn’t include any of the keywords you might associate with the image (table, coffee table, handmade, or wood carving) and it doesn’t have any related keywords either, (home, living room, decor etc.). Instead take a look at the one below and see the difference with good keywords: 


How to use keywords on Instagram in your captions

Are you  frustrated with writing captions for Instagram? Maybe you find you’re not sure what to write about, and it takes up way too much of your time.

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