I recently shared this post on Instagram, and it got a few heads turning.

You see it on a regular basis in your feed. Another guru sharing how easy it is to grow on Instagram and get to 10,000 followers. Just show up consistently and be yourself!

Sounds easy right?

Except there’s a whole number of things you that they aren’t telling you.

  1. They are marketers with decades of experience. Their entire business is social media marketing. They aren’t learning social media for the first time while also creating beautiful hand made products.
  1. They don’t work alone. I wish these experts would share the real behind the scenes that shows off their amazing team of graphic designers, video production staff, and community managers, that are helping them to put it all together.
  1. This isn’t their first rodeo (maybe not even their second). Often they’ve had other business ventures in the past, and this “new” channel is being cross promoted in other places.

So next time you see another one of these stories in the feed, wish them well, and then be on your way. Give yourself some much-deserved credit for how far you’ve come already in your social media marketing.

My best tip for a solopreneur learning it all from scratch? Tackle one thing at a time!  Plan out your content in advance when possible, and create content in batches to save time. Aim for 3-4 posts a week so that you avoid burn out. If you have my free content calendar and haven’t had a chance to dive in, it’s a good time to dust it off!

If you’re struggling with an overall strategy for your account, or need some help with content planning, book a free 20-minute consult with me to see how to create a realistic plan for your business.

For now, keep rocking on!