Is social media FREE to use? Not exactly. 

Have you ever run the numbers on what your social media accounts cost you?

Free is a very expensive business model it turns out.

While it is certainly free to set up an Instagram account or set up a Facebook page, the time it takes you to create content, write captions, respond to comments, direct message and more, is time you are NOT spending on your business.

Here’s some quick math:

If you work on average 50 weeks per year (with some vacation time), 8 hours per day = 2,000 hours worked per year.

If your business brings in $100k in revenue each year, that means that each hour of your time is worth $50.

If you spend just 3-4 hours a week on social media, you are spending between $7,500 to $10,000 of your business billable hours on social media!

(Scale this as best suits your business)


Cost of using social media for your business

This doesn’t even take into effect what you might be LOSING in sales from your business from having an account that isn’t positioning you well in the market place.

If you are choosing to use social media for your business (and it certainly can be a great tool to grow your brand), you need to have both a strategy and a plan in place to make it work.

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