Oops they did it again! Change the algorithm that is.

Instagram has officially come out and said they are changing the algorithm for Reels.

In my head I imagine the conversation at head office went something like this:

CEO: We need a new feature to compete with TikTok!

Developer: Why don’t we create a video editor that is like TikTok, but without most of the editing features and music so it’s easy to implement?

CEO: Sounds perfect!

Developer: Should we let people upload videos from other platforms to it?

CEO: Only at the start. Let’s get everyone hooked on Reels and make sure we prioritize them in the feed, and then once everyone is onboard, we will stop promoting any kind of repurposed content so they have to make them in the Reels app.

Developer: But won’t that confuse and upset out audience?

CEO: Nah! They love having to figure out new features all the time!

In short, Instagram won’t promote videos in the explore section that are repurposed from TikTok anymore. This doesn’t mean that your followers wouldn’t see it, only that it might not reach as far.

This isn’t surprising, as many of the videos out there are repurposed from TikTok and note made in the app itself.

For those of us making Reels, it’s frustrating to say the least. Reels does not have all of the editing features that TikTok has available, which limits some of the types of videos you can create.

What CAN you create that is both easy and impactful?

Quick, “talking head” tips! I shared this video  and it received over 1200 views within the first few hours.

Your pro tips include:

  • Short and sweet. You’ve got up to 30 seconds, but if you can say it in less, do it.
  • Always start with text so your audience knows what the video is about
  • Teach something, show off something funny, or share a quick tip that people can implement right away
  • Include a caption and hashtags

I know that it can be frustrating to hear the words, “algorithm update” yet again.

One thing that will never change, is that creative, audience centred content, will always continue to work on any social media platform.

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