4 billion. That’s a pretty big number. More than the total amount of Facebook users (2.8 billion), Instagram accounts (1 billion), and even TikTok users (1 billion).

4 billion people use email every day.  No social media platform can even come close to the reach of email marketing.

One of the biggest missed opportunities I see with clients who have an email list, is not having the right email automation sequence for your opt in (or not having one at all!)

This past week, I was reviewing the email opt-in sequence for one of my clients. She has an awesome free life planner workbook, but it had been a while since she set up the welcome emails. I dissected the entire sequence including the timing of the emails, the body copy, subject lines, and calls to action, to see where things could be improved.

We found out that she had missed a few of the key types of emails that a welcome sequence should include, to ensure her audience was getting to know her, so that they could ultimately book a discovery call or package with her.

Here are four types of content your email welcome sequence should have:

1. The opt in – this is where you give them what they signed up for! Make it easy to download or subscribe to without jumping through extra hoops. I include my $9 hashtag workbook as a paid upgrade for anyone who is looking for a bit more right away with my free content calendar.

2. Your story – not everyone who signs up for your opt-in will already know you well. It’s important early on to build trust, and establish yourself as a subject matter expert. Share your WHY about your journey to building your business and your brand, so that you move from, “just another email” in their inbox to a trusted advisor.

3. Testimonials about you work from past clients. Tell your new subscribers how awesome you are by sharing success stories from your past clients or customers. Describe the pain points your client was experiencing and how your product or service ultimately helped them and what kind of transformation that lead to.

4. Call to action! Yes don’t forget to include throughout the sequence and have at least one email dedicated to how to work with you or purchase from your store. This could be booking a discovery call to learn more, a direct offer for a new customer promotion, or a current package you have on right now. Make sure you invite your subscribers to purchase from you if they are ready.

Depending on your industry there might be a few others I would pop in as well, but at the very LEAST your email sequence should cover this.

Do you have a welcome sequence for your email opt-in? Take this as a sign it’s probably time for a review! Need a hand? Book a 20-minute free consult to see if I can help!