When I was first starting to build my own business last year, I began researching other social media agencies in the area. I wasn’t sure exactly what I was going to offer, so I wanted to see what was already out there.

A quick Google search turned up a social media agency literally right down the street from me. I checked out their website and thought, “Omg there is already someone awesome, doing what I want to do in my city, I should probably just throw in the towel now!”

That’s right – one other person, working in the vast sea of social media, nearly scared me off from starting my business.

After a few deep breaths, I decided to tackle this fear head on, and I sent the agency owner an email for my Mompreneur Series on Medium. This lovely person agreed to sit down to an interview and I immediately knew this was someone I wanted in my inner circle.

Fast forward to today, and Brittany Hardy from Empty Desk solutions and I are officially biz besties!


Social Media Agency Port Moody for Small Business

Instead of being intimidated or put off by the competition, we opened our homes for coffee to one another and it has led to an amazing business relationship. She is a rock star at running her agency and I have learned a tremendous amount from her.  We now have a virtual coffee date each Friday morning to stay connected and share tips and best practises.

Whatever your product or service is, there are probably dozens of other competitors out there offering something similar. And that’s a good thing because it means that there is demand for what you do!

With social media, you have the opportunity to sell your products and services in a way that only you can – by sharing your story, your perspective, and your voice.

Even when two people sell similar services or products, different buyers will connect differently with what works best for them!  Most of us are not in the business of selling hundreds or thousands of widgets to consumers. We really only need the right number of consumers for our business to be a success.

My group coaching program in January is bringing together 8 business owners to connect on the ups and downs of running your own business and how to use digital marketing.

I know that you will walk away empowered to use social media, but I also hope to be able to connect business owners with other entrepreneurs walking the same path as them.

Being able to tap into a community of people with shared experiences is an amazing way to learn and grow – and maybe you will find your biz bestie along the way!

I only have 4 spots left – if you want in, you can book directly, or find a time to connect for a free consult in my calendar.